About Nathan

That’s me in the above picture. London, circa 2008…

I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Having a British background, you will find Hesketh Park in Southport, UK (land for which was donated by an ancestor). In Vancouver’s Winter, I enjoy skiing (thank you Arc’teryx clothing). Other times of the year, I’ll be cycling, playing badminton and, of course, the stereotypical Canadian activity: watching hockey with a beer.

Currently, I am working in Tanzania on a project that utilises my finance skills to make a positive social impact through economic empowerment. As a finance advisor, I’m consulting with small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for the Tanzania Local Enterprise Development (T-LED) project in Iringa, Tanzania. Additionally, I’m leading the access to finance initiative on the project for all of Tanzania, which brings coordinated financial training to SMEs and the sourcing of financing through domestic financial institutions, micro-finance, impact funds and private investors and grants. Also, I read a lot and am very passionate about several topics in finance.

You’ll find me enjoying a fair trade or direct trade organic coffee, roasted in the “third wave” Pacific Northwest style (medium roast). Definitely have to pay those farmers a decent salary! When in Vancouver, perhaps we will meet in a cafĂ© or at a Greater Vancouver Board of Trade (GVBOT) event, workshop or reception. In Tanzania, you may find me busily working on my project or keeping fit through whatever sport people are playing. Or maybe you will click “Contact Me”, and be in touch via email.

If you are on your way to Tanzania, or would like to be in touch for advice on how to plan a trip here, please contact me!

Yours Sincerely, Nathan